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Bright Lights (Knowa Knowone Remix)

from Bright Lights (Knowa Knowone Remix) by Vokab Kompany



Knowa Knowone, master producer and west coast bass innovator, takes a tasteful foray into the exponentially growing Moombahton genre, with a subtle and classy remix of SoCal electro hip-hop band Vokab Kompany's "Bright Lights". "Bright Lights" is a soulful and poetic, disco infused jam with funk keys and hip-hop sensibility, and Knowa takes it straight to the club with a banging kick drum, beefed up bass, Latin style moombah snares and heavy but tasteful synth work. As summer pool parties and outdoor festivals roll around, this one is sure to grace the playlists of your favorite DJs and party locales, getting those booties moving under the bright lights till the sun comes up.


I seen her face from the back door,
Held up cause she travels with her passport,
She the type with the black hair brown eyes,
Light style with a smile and a white lie,
Bright skies so fly baby let’s jet,
Times flies and I’m high ready get set,
Fast track but I crack when her laugh stops me dead in my tracks,
I gotta focus but it’s hopeless and my memory will level me,
I’ll never see, she told me don’t work,
But if me don’t work then baby we don’t work,
And I know, there ain’t no one like you,
And I never really got you,
We never really laugh, you went to bed mad
Wish I could bring it all back to the rush that we had,
I guess you deserve better, so you left in a letter.

And she’s so popular,
I’m just a nerd absurd off the tractor,
Actor, pasture plastered face to the wall,
With a knack for the great and a taste for it all,
And she’s so popular,
In a case too small, broken, fall, flail, catch, bled, wrench,
Break from the barrel, wait from the bench,
Seize the sights, sigh, life,
Take what I got make room for the sights,
Bright lights, bright bright lights.

And she plays with my mood so I move when I melt in these lights,
But it’s not my place to tell
And we play with our mood So I melt when I move in these lights
But it’s not my place to tell
And she plays with our mood So I melt when I move in these lights
But it’s not my place to tell
These lights

Bright lights, she make sense,
Eyes wide nah she don’t flinch,
Last call and I’m waiting it out,
Last time had to wait on the couch,
Wait for it and I run when she calls,
Slow it down play it cool, don’t crawl
Be a man with your hand on your heart,
But you never had a chance it was gone from the start,

As a matter of fact it’s much further,
Much longer, from where we are,
When your playing from the back and stacked where the bell cracked
Dash like it’s forty, sorted, shorty,
Call me when u get there,
Call call me when u get there.


from Bright Lights (Knowa Knowone Remix), track released May 15, 2012
from Quit Sleep (Album 2011), track released 22 April 2011




Knowa Lusion Oakland, California

Knowa Lusion - West Coast Bass, Twerk, Party Rock

Knowa Knowone - Global Bass, Tribal, Downtempo

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